• FA business
  • FA business

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    Full Auto Line, Semi Auto Line, Exclusive Tester, MM (Man M/C Interface)

    The factory automation system automates all processes of a factory from the design of product to its manufacturing and ship-out through the introduction of a computer system or industrial robots. Ultimately the system pursues a goal of research, energy reduction, and improved productivity and improved quality for the unmanned operation of the factory.

    Features of
    FA Business

    • Available for quality improvement and mass production through uniform and standard production
    • Shortened production period
    • Improvement of labor condition
    • Stabilization of dangerous environment
    • Reduction of production cost
    • Available for maximum production through real-time gathering of process data and decision making based on the data

    Marketing Items

    Exclusive Machine for Factory Automation
    Full Auto Line, Semi Auto Line,
    Exclusive Tester, MM (Man M/C Interface)
    • Automatic Assembly Line for Auto Parts Modules
    • Automation System before Supply & Discharge
    • Gantry Loader Stagger System
    • Tape Attachment Automation System
    • Continuous repetition, duty evasion part automation
    • Weight measurement, measuring automatic device
    • Durability tester
    • Heat & pressure control automation system
    • Run out, torque, function, inspection equipment

    Professional Technology