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    J-One Smart MES

    A program to maximize the improvement in production performance and field management through
    real-time production status and to provide the integrated production information such as product ship-out,
    LOT management, and quality control including product order.

    J-One Smart MES
    Necessity of the Introduction of J-One Smart MES



    MES Establishment Strategy

    • 01 Active Participation by Decision Makers and a Man in Charge of Work

      Active participation by a promotion committee (temporary name) who will promote matters to discuss, review, consult, decide and deliver continuously throughout the entire project promotion. Fast and exact decision making for various procedures or system composition

    • 02 Clear Goal of System Establishment and Setting of Its Range

      Creation of a consensus for the clear setting and necessity of goal for the system establishment Promotion with Top Down method through the strong leadership of highest decision maker Standardization of work in application of systemization Setting of a clear range for work targeting systemization

    • 03 Work Cooperation System with System Operation Team

      Creation & arrangement of a system operation team (temporary name) to discuss, review, consult, decide and share continuously throughout the entire stage of project promotion. Mutual guarantee of secret and intellectual property right together with the in-time provision of various information and data necessary for the present project